Quarterly  Updates

Quarterly Updates

This subscription service keeps your recently purchased ComplianceWizard product up to date for material changes to the FCA rules. You get 4 updates, and the subscription runs for 12 months from the point you've bought your manual or monitoring programme should you choose to add on this extra service. Not available to buy without purchasing a manual or monitoring programme from ComplianceWizard. Once you purchase an updating subscription, please let us know your contact email address as your updates will be delivered by email.

  • File Licence - Business to Business

    1. These products are designed for businesses undertaking FCA regulated activities only. They're not in any way intended for sale to consumers or private individuals, unless ComplianceWizard agrees in writing to provide these, in which case their use will be subject to separate terms and conditions.
    2. The updating subscription for your manual or monitoring programme can be purchased only when you buy a compliance manual or monitoring programme directly from ComplianceWizard.
    3. If you buy without first having purchased a manual or monitoring programme, we'll refund your fee under deduction of any credit card or processing fees we incur - currently these are 3.5% of your transaction cost.
    4. The subscription will provide 4 updates per annum, roughly at quarterly frequencies. Each update will take account of changes to the FCA Handbook that we consider are material to the type of manual or monitoring programme you purchased.
    5. You'll be reminded when your subscription is about to end and a further subscription can then be purchased. 
    6. You may not share these updates with any third party and the updating service only relates to a single legal entity. 
    7. It's for you to ensure that any manual or monitoring programme we provide is adjusted to meet your needs and permissions. We take no responsibility for the use of the products, their content or method of implementation and give no guarantee or warranty in any way that the interpretations provided in the manuals will necessarily correlate with the views of, or approach taken by, the FCA or other regulators. These products are intended as guides only which you must ensure are appropriate for your firm before making use of these. No liability is accepted under any circumstance for any loss, regulatory action or otherwise howsoever caused.