• Gordon McMurray

The changing face of compliance

Back in the early 00s, when NRS was a fairly new kid on the compliance block, we were relatively tech-savvy. Well, by compliance standards of the time anyway. We had the facility to store and share reports and documents with clients, securely, through our website. The trouble was, clients just weren’t that keen. And despite the security and convenience the technology offered, they mostly preferred good old snail mail and email.

Thankfully, things have changed. The suggestion of snail mail is generally met with horror nowadays, or perhaps a blank stare. People are still keen on email, of course, although they’re also more conscious of security. But it’s speed and convenience that have mainly driven the change of attitude towards finding, sharing and receiving information; everyone wants whatever it is they want, right now. And that of course means going online.

Just as the high street went into decline with the ascendance of online shopping, some traditional office-based services are finding the balance turning. Who could have imagined, 10 years ago, a virtual PA for example? The world just needs a little time to adjust to such tech-enabled concepts before seeing the benefits and wondering why they didn’t spot them sooner. And then finding the old ways laughable.

On the heels of this realisation, it dawned on us that many of the clients we got FCA authorised at NRS are now growing more mature, and some are ready to move to the next stage either in the growth of their business or in taking compliance work in-house. To help clients make this jump, we decided we should make available online the very documents used by the professional compliance consultants at NRS.

Enter ComplianceWizard.

For any firm wanting to get authorised, there’s no way around the need to speak to a real-life compliance specialist. But all you really need for that is a phone. What about your compliance manual, your monitoring programme, policies and procedures? Well, nowadays there’s no reason you can’t get just what you need straightaway, online.

Gone are the days of lengthy meetings/chats, quotes and contract negotiations before you can get what you’re after. Now, from the comfort of your own desk, you can do a quick search – or go directly to compliancewizard.co.uk – and find exactly what you need. A range of manuals, for example, ready to tailor to the specific needs of your business. A tried-and-tested monitoring programme. And a variety of templates, registers and sample policies. All ready for you to download there and then, without the trip to the high street.

Beyond the requisite compliance expertise, all you need now is a phone, a laptop and an internet connection. And voila. Or should it be 'hey presto!' Your compliance needs fulfilled at the touch of a button.