Welcome to ComplianceWizard 

We're about one thing only - making life easier for compliance officers of venture capital and corporate finance houses, discretionary and advisory portfolio managers, AIFMs or EuVECA managers.

Why stress when you can get the help you need to get FCA authorised - and stay that way - right here! Just give us a call. We can guide you through your new firm authorisation, or variations to add new permissions.

We've also taken the heat out of writing the dreaded compliance manual or constructing your compliance monitoring programme - both of which you'll need for your application and meeting your regulatory obligations going forward.

Our manuals and programmes are written by award-winning compliance specialist Gordon McMurray, founder of NRS Regulatory Services Ltd (which traded as National Regulatory Services in the UK). He has over 30 years of regulatory experience at the coalface - as a compliance officer, consultant and investigator.

Already up and running? You can get your up-to-date MiFID II compliant manual and monitoring programme, here and now, from ComplianceWizard. It's that easy. 


And if you prefer to have monitoring done externally, we have an affiliate ready and waiting for your call.

Keep it simple and relax!