Our Application and Variations Service 

We're about one thing only - making life easier for compliance officers.

Why stress when you can get the help you need to get authorised - and stay that way - right here! Just give us a call. We can guide you through your new firm authorisation, or variations to add new permissions.


Award-winning compliance specialist Gordon McMurray, founder of NRS Regulatory Services Ltd (which traded as National Regulatory Services in the UK), has a great deal of expertise in this area. He has over 30 years of international regulatory experience at the coalface - as a compliance officer, consultant and investigator - and has secured many authorisations over the years. Some in as little as six weeks.

The key to a successful application lies in having the answers to the questions your FCA case officer will ask. Your documentation must be as complete as possible and the whole pack needs to work as a coherent application.

Why not ask for your personal application guide and a quote today? 

We may not be the cheapest but, quite frankly, in this area you do get what you pay for.

Keep it simple and relax!